Stratégie et ingénierie financière
Stratégie et ingénierie financière

In the technical study of the Entrepreneurship And Investment project, we suggest that you detail all of the resources in terms of people, premises, equipment, etc. that you need to ensure production that meets your objectives. This is particularly important, because all the means at your disposal will constitute for you, in any case, costs, expenses, the total of which will represent the envelope of the physical investment of your project. Which production tool, which premises for operations, which personnel resources, which operating resources are necessary for the start of your future project?

So, a piece of advice before defining your means:

Be practical and careful. You don’t need to get into office and machinery purchases before you even get started. They will unnecessarily immobilize your equity: to be enterprising is not to favor the unproductive; is to invest in people, in sales, in essential equipment …

What production tools ?

Small or medium, your project will need materials to produce and sell.

So what equipment do you need to produce and sell?

Do you need office furniture?

What is the overall cost of these means and their implementation?


 Determine your material production needs by proceeding as follows:

  • Study resources: which material, which equipment?
  • The manufacturing means: you will start from the mode of development of the product or service, and you will determine exactly the materials, equipment and tools required.

But also think of the needs in connection means and particular installations, in the means necessary for the management of the stocks of materials and in the means in materials for the administration of your future company.


 What means will you need to sell your product (samples, prototypes, advertising, relationships, vehicles, etc.)


 You must consult various suppliers for each type of machine or equipment. Sometimes you have to call on suppliers based abroad.

In this case, you must import your material; know then that the investment codes and in particular law 16.87 if you are a laureate of vocational training provide for exemption from import duties and taxes.

Upon receipt of invoices, quotes and technical prospectuses for each machine or type of equipment, you will compare the different offers and you will make your choice according to the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Price (Excluding tax)
  • Reliability of the equipment and its performance
  • Possibilities of and maintenance
  • After-sales service etc.

What room?

Small or medium, your future business will also need to find accommodation. So, do you need to buy or rent a space?

  • What is its overall cost?
  • Where should you settle?
  • What is the area?
  • How to analyze your location?

To answer these questions, you must:

  • Find the location most favorable to the operation of your Project.
  • Choose your location according to your activity, market research and the size of the production tool.
  • Calculate the financial cost of your installation …

To exercise an industrial or commercial activity, you may need a business. The latter is made up of a set of invisible elements, some tangible (furniture, equipment, stock of raw materials, etc.), other intangibles (right to lease, trade name and brand name, clientele, patents, trademarks, etc.).

Once the location of your establishment has been determined according to various parameters (family ties, means of communication, available workforce, advantages of investment codes), you must go to the stage of creating a fund. of business.

So after finding a commercial space that suits you, you must ensure with the owner that there is no restriction on the exercise of your activity, agree the amount of annual rent and if necessary the doorstep to pay. This entry fee, which may be claimed from the new occupant, is also financed for the credit for young promoters up to a limit of 25% of the amount of the project and within a maximum of DH 200,000.


Your project can only work with men.

So, build your ˝ team sorte so that all the tasks to be carried out can be distributed without forgetting any of them:

  • Will you be alone, with other partners or will you have employees?
  • How ?
  • From which date ?
  • What will their tasks be?
  • Manufacturing?
  • Sale?
  • Management?
  • What will your compensation and that of others be?
  • What can you outsource outside?

(This could lighten your load).

 To determine the personnel requirements, it is necessary to break down the tasks that will be required and the qualifications required to perform a good job. You will then be able, according to these criteria, to fix the number of positions to be able in management staff and in executive staff.


Various means not to forget because they will still be a source of repetitive (monthly) expenses for you: products and raw materials, personnel costs, travel costs, small supplies, maintenance of your equipment, professional insurance, energy, telephone, etc.…)

If your project requires the acquisition of a building, be aware that the young developer loan fixes the financing ceiling for the acquisition of the premises or the purchase and construction of the land at 25% of the cost of investment in the limit of an amount of 300,000 DH for each young promoter or entrepreneur within the framework of an individual project or for each associate beneficiary of the joint loan within the framework of an association.

Regarding production equipment, limit your acquisitions only to production equipment corresponding to the sales that you expect to make. The same is true for storage, transport, office furniture and equipment. To help the promoter to start his business, the joint loan also makes it possible to finance the useful rolling stock and essential to the operation of the company up to a ceiling of 150,000 DH per project.

So, have you evaluated the nature and the amount of these charges?

OUR ROLE: is to optimize investment.

At the end of this process and intends to make a profit in other outlets.

Given your investment program, carried out by our team to answer all these questions so that you will calculate the maximum possible production volume of your project which must be consistent. In case of discrepancy, you will limit your investments to the essential. Otherwise, they must be made profitable by finding other outlets.

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