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From the idea to the realization of the final product, Infotad supports entrepreneurs in their technical and technological developments.

Development project engineering
Development project engineering

The main stages of project support by Infotad Project management

  • services

Technical studies, economic studies, environmental analyzes, monitoring of construction work, scheduling, management and coordination (OPC), quality management, assistance with and maintenance, …

  • And assistance services to project management

Project planning, preparation of terms of reference, assistance for the evaluation of offers and the selection of companies, monitoring and steering of studies and investigations , legal and institutional assistance.


  • Identification and evaluation
  • Master plans
  • studiesFeasibility
  • studies Preliminary and pre-project
  • studies Environmental impact
  • studies Execution studies
  • Preparation of business consultation documents
  • Technical assistance for constructionconstruction
  • Assistance foroperation and maintenance
  • Post-evaluation
  • Implementation of quality management systems

Field of Activity Engineering of development project

Hydro-agricultural facilities

  • Preliminary study, soil and physical soil studies and geotechnical studies
  • Establishment of the implementation project
  • Establishment of topographic works
  • Choice of appropriate irrigation techniques forprojects

small and medium hydraulic

  • Sizing of irrigation and drainage networks

Assistance to project owners

  • Optimized development and implementation of the control system taking into account the divergence of constraints and the complexity of the facts eurs
  • Define the major axes of controls with appropriate indicators and translate the diagram into project management toolsDraft
  • summary notes based on information from all stakeholders. These notes will anticipate the differences in terms of budget and project implementation delays
  • Propose and implement corrective actions as part of a prospective risk management budgets, deadlines and resources

Rural and Social Development

  • Project Designing , rural, medical, school and transport infrastructure
  • Support for income-generating activities (IGA) and human development by organizing producer and merchant groups
  • Preparation and elaboration of sectoral plans
  • Monitoring of implementation and evaluation of rural development projects
  • Support and structuring of small and medium-sized farms (financing, subsidies, production, grouping and marketing)



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