Business Creation
Business Creation

The mission is possible if you have skills, if you are prepared, if you are tenacious and have realistic ambitions. It is important to advance methodically, but it is not always easy to know how to go about it and where to start. Here are 10 key and essential steps to validate to create your business.


1. Validate the creation project

The spark of creation can be an idea, a project or a dream. A market study, motivation, commitment must help validate the project to ensure its consistency and feasibility.

2. Have the soul of a leader

Realize that you will become a business owner and anticipate the adequacy between income and family.

3. Organize and anticipate

When the decision to create is made, make a list of actions to take.

4. Make a business plan

Prepare your creative project well with a business plan including:

  • Validated market research
  • Forecast
  • Advantages differentiating from the competition
  • Financial needs
  • Type of company and statutes
  • Business premises if trade
  • Funding sources

Consult this practical sheet to know the stages of building a business plan.

5. Register the company

Then comes the time to start formalities to register the company with the RCS in order to be able to start the activity. What is RCS?


6. Launch the first actions

After obtaining the K-BIS, you have to get into action. This is the Learning Curve (banking – insurance – commercial management – website …).

7. Focus on quality

As far as possible, take only profitable markets, respect the promise to the customer to build loyalty and seek recommendations to accelerate development.

8. Keep good cash

Monitor your cash like milk on fire. It’s well known, “Cash is the nerve of war”! It is important to control cash effectively.

9. Develop the new business

As soon as your activity allows, perhaps it will be necessary to grow, hire or subcontract? Invest in equipment, vehicles, premises?

10. Be supported on a daily basis

As a leader, you must have a management method, a tool and a personal adviser to support you in order to anticipate, plan, manage while being serene.

And above all work, work, work and hope. With one watchword: NEVER LET GO.

Your Local Advisor masters all stages of business creation and can bring you his experience from the start of your project. Put the odds on your side to prepare the project, obtain financing and create a viable business!


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