About Us


 Is a consultancy and studies group in project engineering, entrepreneurship and investment

Its objective is to support your success by providing you with a team of renowned consultants:

Holder of an enriched and lasting know-how, Infotad is there to meet the needs of the various public and private actors operating in the agricultural sector, and Hydro-agricultural development in perpetual evolution, following the implementation of the Green Morocco Plan qualified as revolutionary plan.

Infotad Auto-entrepreneur also has a primary interest in the development of the rural world, investment advice in the fields of entrepreneurship, sustainable development, roads and networks. Which require coordination and dialogue between different trades. And who have capitalized on their experience by combining high-level engineering training in the financing of projects related to agriculture, sustainable development, human, economic and social development in rural areas, management, marketing, commerce, human resource management

Infotad Auto-Entrepreneur brings together the skills necessary to produce integrated solutions for studying projects that meet customer demand, in terms of performance, budget and lead times.